Engineering Support
We have a range of equipment systems available,from simple dosing pumps,through
sophisticated control and monitoring units,to fully centralized foam and rinse systems.

Transportation services
We serve you the best standard transportation services cover all over entire

A Central Foam system improves the easy of operation and handing of chemicals, whilst providing enhanced reliability.

De-central foam system is designed for mixing water,air and chemicals used on cleaning
and disinfecting operations.The compact and functional design of the unit enables easy and trouble free with minnimum maintenance and service.

เครื่องดักแมลง VECTOR PLASMA
Vector Plasma Insect Light Trap .Vector Plasma has beautiful design and light weigh. Insect attraction by 72-watt bulb.

The air disinfectant system has been developed with 3 feeders.Can Spray the disinfectant product up to 180 degree.Cover more space.Portable size and can be easily.

Mobile pressurized stainless steel vessels containing pre-diluted foam chemical.
Available in 20 and 50 liter sizes.Requires only a compressed air supply at 3-6 Bar.