CALVATIS – ASIA PACIFIC CO.,LTD. is the manufacturer and distributor of cleaning pro, disinfectant and modern cleaning equipment for food and beverages plant under the trade mark of “calgonit”  from CALVATIS  Germany where there are    experts, high technology and network in  Europe and all over the world

            With more than 32 year experiences of the team of executive in selecting the proper and best quality products for cleaning every type of food and beverages plant as well as the services of well trained personnel who are omniscient in giving advices and standardized installation of various equipments enable the CALVATIS to become the most famous and first grade well known company in developing the technology of cleaning equipments manufacturing to the level of international standard.  Food and beverage, the division serves the food chain, dairy and dairy products, poultry plant and other food processing facilities up to brewery and beverage, CALVATIS develops lubricants to ensure safe preparation of food products throughout every step of the process the company also designs, manufactures and supplies proprietary electronic computerized control dispensing equipment, clean in place system, central foam. This technology along with offerings of related mechanical cleaning equipment and service are among the reason our company leads the market in agribusiness food and beverage.

Please, entrust our CALVATIS to serve your business with our slogan “ The Best Brain Friend for The Best Food & Beverage Business” or “ BBF for FBB”